[mythtv-users] MythTV as a Gift (Hardware Recommendations)

Foppe Benedictus foppe.benedictus at knkv.net
Tue Jan 15 16:01:36 UTC 2008

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John schreef:
| Another vote for the Antec. It is nice, but make sure you measure up
| before you buy one, it is very deep (front to back), and you will have
| all your VGA cables etc coming out of the back.
| I bought the V2 silver just before Christmas, and with after a lot of
| messing, I have it working with a genuine windows MCE remote. I was used
| to a hombrew serial lirc receiver, and it took me a while to convince
| myself that I needed to buy an MCE remote. I have about 20 remotes from
| all sort of devices, and none of them generated anything from the
| integrated receiver. Eventually clicked that the integrated receiver was
| preprocessing all the IR commands, and was only passing on the MCE
| compatible ones. Once I had an MCE remote it all worked well. When you
| come to configure the standard MCE remote lircd.conf does not work, but
| you can find a lird.conf specifically for the fusion floating around
| (google). Both the knob and the remote are working fine on my machine.

Hello John,

I also have a V2 Antec case, but I can't get the MCE remote to work with
the internal receiver. I get response from mode2, but irw keeps silent
when I use one of the lircd.conf files I found on the net and also when
I made my own with irecord. Could you send me yours?


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