[mythtv-users] Constant "lockups" on new MythBuntu install

kawayanan kawayanan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 16:00:31 UTC 2008

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
> I was wondering of anyone else has seen this and what they did to 
> address it. My MythBuntu install is constantly locking up during menu 
> selections. It pretty much does it everywhere although moreso while in 
> Watch Recordings. While trying to select a program to watch I will get 
> in 2 maybe 3 remote presses and then it locks up, sometime for 30 secs, 
> sometimes over a minute. Then suddenly it will start working again. If I 
> keep pressing the remote (out of frustration) when it comes back a few 
> of the keypresses will cascade causing the cursor to whizz off down the 
> screen. Like I said, this happens all over the place as well. And it 
> does not matter if the machine is actually recording anything either.
> This is the first Myth install that has ever done this so it make me 
> think it has something to do with MythBuntu. I am on 7.10 with trunk 
> installs but I have previously built Ubuntu boxes with SVN builds and 
> never had any problems. I also know it is not the remote (Microsoft) or 
> batteries as I have had the same one all along and the batteries are new.
> Any help would be appreciated, I really don't feel like building yet 
> another version...
> Thanks in advance
> Cheers
> Bruce
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I don't know the answer to your problem, but I also use Mythbuntu and 
noticed a something that might be similar.  I noticed a few lockups like 
you are mentioning.  They were pretty rare, but I found one thing that 
could produce them pretty much every time.  I had a small Mythbuntu 
install on my desktop to test things out and work out any kinks.  It was 
all on a 10Gb partition, so there wasn't much room for recording (it was 
just for testing).  Because of that, I manually deleted any recoding 
right away.  I noticed that when I deleted the last video, I pretty much 
always got a lockup.  It would delete the last video, get to the screen 
that said "No video to delete" (or whatever it says), but would  be 
locked there.  As you described, it would seem to lock and when it 
started working again it would execute the remote clicks you had done 
all at once.  The other thing I noticed was that I could bring it out of 
the lock immediately if I alt-tab'ed to another application (I commonly 
kept a terminal open for making adjustments to things).  For whatever 
reason, the act of switching to a different window, then back to 
mythfrontend would always immediately bring it out of the lockup (and 
execute all the remote clicks too).  Check and see if Alt-Tab'ing to 
another window and back brings it out of the lockup for you.  If it 
does, maybe that will help someone diagnose the problem.


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