[mythtv-users] am i dropping frames?

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Tue Jan 15 03:44:00 UTC 2008

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Mitch Gore wrote:

> Lets start with the basics.
> I assume you have the nvidia drivers installed correctly.
> How fast computer?
> How much memory?
> if you play the files in vlc how do they look on your system (with 
> de-interlace enabled)?

My apologies if you mentioned this and I missed it, but what sort of monitor
or TV set are you driving, and how? What are your nVidia sync settings?

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TV is a philips 55" 4:3 crt flat hdtv. I'm using the component out on my
7300. I've tried with svideo too but no difference. How do I check nvidia
sync settings?

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