[mythtv-users] am i dropping frames?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 15 01:15:13 UTC 2008

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
> Hello,
> When i watch sports, i notice that the video is not very smooth. It's
> pretty smooth, but noticabally not smooth when compared to watching
> standard tv (non mythtv). During most other shows it's not noticable,
> but since sports are fast action the entire time, it's noticable,
> especially during basketball.
> Watching downloaded divx videos from the stage6 divx site shows me that
> it's not the system, cause those hd videos play so smoothly.
> Anyone have any ideas for me? Am i dropping frames in my recordings, and
> is that why it seems this way? How do i tell?

What do you mean by "not very smooth"? Can you post a short clip somewhere?

I often see a lot of macro-blocking on sports events, especially during
fancy wipes and fast action. I know this is not my Myth system as I have
seen the same artifacts at the local TV station.

Lots of ways to screw up digital video that do not involve dropping frames.


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