[mythtv-users] MythTV - Video Distribution Solution?

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Mon Jan 14 20:36:31 UTC 2008

> On Jan 14, 2008, at 11:47 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
>> While that sounds reasonable, my experience has been that very few
>> attorneys know much about copyright issues, though they may well be
>> able
>> to bone up on the subject.

This is a problem in general: Sturgeons Law.

People are at this moment being deported from the US of A for
hiring the wrong guy as their lawyer. So, picking the right
lawyer can be a very big problem with some really serious
consequences if you're wrong.

> It's true. Most of them make it up as they go. :) My partner was in
> negotiations about a song he co-wrote being reused. (The portion he
> wrote was basically being removed and the other co-writer was writing
> a new part to replace it. Kind of a mess.) Anyway.. one lawyer told
> him he only had ownership over the portion he wrote. Another told him
> to go find someone who specializes in music. He found one and was
> finally told that he owns 50% of the song with this other person even
> if he didn't write a thing in it because that's the way it was
> credited when it was first published. Off topic, I know but the point
> is that you will get different answers depending on who you ask and
> usually the one with the answer that makes the most sense is the right
> one. Most of the educational programming in the US I've seen comes
> with a caveat that it can be used up to 1 year from the published date
> and must be destroyed after that.
> All that said, the myth list is no place to ask for that sort of
> advice. We can all assume this guy is going to make sure his system is
> used in whatever legal ways are allowed for his situation and get down
> to the actual ability of the system he's trying to put together.
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