[mythtv-users] PS3 front-end with UPnP

David Durham, Jr. david.durham.jr at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 20:35:09 UTC 2008

> That's different, it's MythTV running on the PS3 natively.
> The original question was related to a PS3 running the original PS3
> software, acting as a DLNA (UPnP) frontend for a MythTV server running
> somewhere else.

That's right.  Understand that I was ecstatic to see this, because I'm
using to doing a lot of configuration to get this kind of feature.
I'm a huge fan of MythTV for about 3 months now. Thanks to all
involved with this project.  The documentation is fantastic. I'm
running MythBuntu, which is a great distro.  I couldn't be more happy
with MythTV.  Honestly, I don't really need a PS3 frontend, but I'm
happy to see devices on my network automagically finding my MythTV
media server.  Gives me a good feeling.  Still, I do have the issue
with the discovery process...  and it doesn't look like PS3 will
support vidx, though I hear divx support is on the way.  I'll keep
digging around with this feature, and hopefully someone else has some
experience with this.


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