[mythtv-users] HD Channels and Time-Warner Cable

lemongecko at gmail.com lemongecko at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 19:52:45 UTC 2008

> First question. What is the difference between Cable / Cable IRC / Cable
> HRC / and the like. With only a few exceptions, they see to find the
> same channels. What should I be using for this?

I'm pretty sure for TW it's just "Cable". Those are different
frequency tables that are (or have been) standards in different

> Second question. What's the deal with certain channels finding
> "sub-channels" underneath like channel 85#1 - 23? What does this mean?
> Channel 85#1 has content, channels 85#2 - 23 does not. Why all the
> "sub-channels"?

I think those are music channels, if TW down by you uses the same
digital cable table as up here in WI. Expect to see a lot of that.
They're all there, but those are encrypted. The HDHR sees the
bitstream but can't do a thing with it.

> Third question. Should I try scanning with something other than QAM-256?

Mmm, no. TW definitely uses QAM-256.

I had the best luck finding the channels I should care about using the
Windows HDHR tools. When you tune a channel, it tells you which
subchannels are encrypted / open, etc. It's fast, and a nice clickable
interface. Using that tool, I found that there are quite a few digital
cable stations that are in the clear (for me) that I hadn't found when
I programmed my locals directly into my TV. These include ABC Family,
Style, Hallmark, etc. You know, the lame ones. :-)

> Any other comments that would be helpful, please advise.

Uh, good luck ? ;-)

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