[mythtv-users] Notification of Channel Setup Change?

James Cummings james+mythtv at cummingsfamily.org.uk
Mon Jan 14 16:42:53 UTC 2008

On Jan 14, 2008 4:26 PM, Andrew Sayers
<andrew-mythtv-users at pileofstuff.org> wrote:
> James Cummings wrote:
> > Hiya,
> >
> > Living in the UK, using DVB-T (i.e. freeview), and over the air (EIT)
> > guide data.  Is there some automated way we could be notified when
> > there has a been a (however minor) change to the channel setup?  An
> > off-the-shelf freeview STB I have does this.  I occasionally turn it
> > on and it says "Change to channel listing" in the bottom left hand
> > corner for the first 30 seconds.  Everytime there is a channel listing
> > change (i.e. they muck about with the frequencies or squeeze yet
> > another 'quiz' channel into the limited bandwidth, or rename
> > something, etc.) I have to rescan existing transports if I want to be
> > at all confident that the shows I'm interested in will record.
> > Another option (which I asked about a couple days ago with no reply)
> > would be to have some way to auto-rescan each evening or something.
> > Suggestions?
> You could run a script like this from a cron job:
> if scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/<your-transmitter>\
>    | tee /home/mythtv/channels.conf.new \
>    | diff /home/mythtv/channels.conf -
> then
>         <tell the user>
>         mv /home/mythtv/channels.conf.new /home/mythtv/channels.conf
> fi
> But that requires you to install 'scan' (in the dvb-utils package on
> Debian-based systems), won't work if you're recording something when the
> script runs, won't work if MythTV is scanning the EIT information when
> the script runs, and you still have to get MythTV to do a scan itself.

Yeah, it is those caveats that make me worry.  If I did have such a
cronjob I'd want it to be able to work out if a recording was coming
in X time (however long the scans usually takes+safety margin) and if
not, it would shut-down the backend, do the scan you've suggested, and
if there was a difference, do a real rescan of existing transports.
All sounds possible, if a little fiddly.

I can't figure out any way to do a mythtv rescan (full or of existing
transports) from the command-line.  :-(


James Cummings, Cummings dot James at GMail dot com

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