[mythtv-users] Notification of Channel Setup Change?

James Cummings james+mythtv at cummingsfamily.org.uk
Mon Jan 14 15:13:07 UTC 2008


Living in the UK, using DVB-T (i.e. freeview), and over the air (EIT)
guide data.  Is there some automated way we could be notified when
there has a been a (however minor) change to the channel setup?  An
off-the-shelf freeview STB I have does this.  I occasionally turn it
on and it says "Change to channel listing" in the bottom left hand
corner for the first 30 seconds.  Everytime there is a channel listing
change (i.e. they muck about with the frequencies or squeeze yet
another 'quiz' channel into the limited bandwidth, or rename
something, etc.) I have to rescan existing transports if I want to be
at all confident that the shows I'm interested in will record.
Another option (which I asked about a couple days ago with no reply)
would be to have some way to auto-rescan each evening or something.


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