[mythtv-users] Help Tracking down a memory leak issue with MythTV SVN

Roo roo.watt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 08:16:58 UTC 2008

I logged frontend usage with the command shown and have extracted the
following  data points. The memory usage appears to step every 74-5
minutes and increases by about 64M. This is using r15394.

Obviously the last part shown is different but either way I found this

watch -n 1 "pmap 26046 | grep total | tee -a watch-frontend.log"

Sample	Memory  Deltas
3618    555080K
8067    620616K   (+4449, +65536K)
12516   686152K   (+4449, +65536K)
16964   751688K   (+4448, +65536K)
18974   790944K   (+2010, +39256K)

I am not sure what is happening every 74/5 minutes but if anyone knows
then that is a useful start.

Still looking,


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