[mythtv-users] scratched DVD playback issues

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 03:56:32 UTC 2008

victor rajewski wrote:
> Every once in a while I come across a scratched DVD (don't we all?)
> Using MythTV (or for that matter, vlc or mplayer) seems to cause the
> application to crash at the scratch. It is sometimes possible to jump
> over the scratch, once the exact spot has been isolated. Playing it
> through a stand-alone DVD player, it might stutter for a bit around
> the scratch, then continue on, or sometimes there is not any
> noticeable stutter at all. Is this a common problem? Is it more
> related to the hardware (dvd drive) or software, or hardware drivers
> (create I/O errors on bad input)?
> What would be the way forward from here? This is a bit of a show
> stopper (pardon the pun) for mythtv as far as my gf is concerned,
> since the older technology worked much better.
> ciao
> vik
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I've had good luck cleaning the disk well with mild dish soap and then 
buffing with a good car wax. The outside of the disk is just plastic 
after all... For deep scratches you might have to use a resurfacer which 
is a little more aggressive.


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