[mythtv-users] Waterproof myth?

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Mon Jan 14 02:52:54 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> Yan Seiner wrote:
>>  OK, the gauntlet's been thrown in my family.
>> Myth in the shower.
>> Can it be done?  Sure, if you can find the hardware.
>> But does the hardware exist and is it affordable?
>> Thoughts, comments, ideas?
> Do you mean "watchable" when in the shower, which might mean a screen
> mounted outside the water stream, or literally something you could
> handhold in the shower?
Well the latter because it has much higher geek factor.  :-)

> I suppose you could mount a screen behind a window, and use IR to
> control it with a waterproof remote.
Reality check - I'm thinking something like a water-resistant screen + 
keypad, outside the shower but in the bathroom.  It doesn't even have to 
run myth - a vnc client to control myth on another system would do, so 
even a basic 200 MHz arm board would work, since this would be used to 
control mythmusic.  I use a 'throwaway' 486-based laptop to control the 
music on my deck via VNC.  No great loss if it gets trashed, and cheaper 
than a full outdoor setup.

> But Why?

Because I can?   :-)


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