[mythtv-users] Program not found in PAT! again!

Neil Milne neil.milne at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 11:11:08 UTC 2008

On 13/01/2008, Ben Ward <mythtv at crouchingbadger.com> wrote:
> My MythTV backend is pretty stable, except occasionally I end up with
> several gigs of logfile because of this really (really) irritating error
> message:
> 2008-01-13 00:16:52.904 Program #108 not found in PAT!
> I don't care any more if Program #108 is found in the PAT(!) or not.  I
> couldn't care less if I'm not getting the Numberwang channel.  I just want
> to
> a) stop thrashing the disk like crazy and
> b) filling it up with debug info (which should be in a separate log level if
> you ask me).
> Can anyone lovely tell me where in mythconverg or the config I can do this
> and save my poor ailing hardware?

It's not a database table the message is referring to, it's a data
table embedded in the DVB data. This used to give me grief too, and it
does have something to do with not having a fully correct channel
scan, but my workaround was to patch the source.

If you are building from source you can amend the log level of the
message from 'important' to something else - I used 'channel' so that
it stops printing it unless you request it by specifying that level on
the startup command line.

The offending code is in libs/libmythtv/dtvsignalmonitor.cpp at around
line 287 - you can replace the VB_IMPORTANT with VB_CHANNEL and

Apologies if you are running a binary package, obviously you can't
patch that :-(

I think I have seen messages or either this list or the -dev list
which say that it is possible to get rid of the message by having your
channel scan completely up-to-date, but then I also remember seeing
people saying they were still seeing it even after a full scan so


Neil Milne

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