[mythtv-users] Hdhomerun installation problem: No show on Live Tv but can find channels during scan.

bao ray raybao at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 04:35:51 UTC 2008

   After spent one week to upgrade linux version and download/compile
MythTv,  finally I got it running.
   The problem now is that it can find the channels during the setup, but
when I select live tv in Mythfrontend,  it shows a black screen with
channel/program information at the bottom, I can change channels but all of
them are black screens.
   I am able to view "live" Tvs via VLC program.  And even in Mythtv-setup
it scans and found the channels.
   I looked at mythbackend log, seems problems reported by "ChannelBase"
module which have something to do with the tuner,  seems in "live" TV,  the
tunner can't be controlled so the singals can't be
   Does mythbackend calls some "external" (shell command) program to control
the tuner??

   I'm running the Mythtv on Fedora FC8 and the mythtv is the newest version
I can get this year(2008).

   Thans a lot


Following is the log info,  I'm using tuner 1 for local broadcasting with an

[mythtv at localhost share]$ mythbackend
2008-01-12 23:06:12.604 Using runtime prefix = /usr
2008-01-12 23:06:12.659 New DB connection, total: 1
2008-01-12 23:06:12.695 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
2008-01-12 23:06:12.700 Current Schema Version: 1160
Starting up as the master server.
2008-01-12 23:06:12.754 New DB connection, total: 2
2008-01-12 23:06:12.759 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
2008-01-12 23:06:12.763 EITHelper: localtime offset -5:00:00
2008-01-12 23:06:12.773 TVRec(1) Error: Problem finding starting channel,
setting to default of '3'.
2008-01-12 23:06:12.774 HDHRChan(10120720/0): device found at address
2008-01-12 23:06:12.776 ChannelBase(1) Error: InitializeInputs():
                        Could not get inputs for the capturecard.
                        Perhaps you have forgotten to bind video
                        sources to your card's inputs?
2008-01-12 23:06:12.778 EITHelper: localtime offset -5:00:00
2008-01-12 23:06:12.781 HDHRChan(10120720/1): device found at address
2008-01-12 23:06:12.783 New DB connection, total: 3
2008-01-12 23:06:12.784 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
sh: 28: command not found
2008-01-12 23:06:13.833 ret_pid(8681) child(8681) status(0x7f00)
2008-01-12 23:06:13.834 ChannelBase: external tuning program exited with
error 127
sh: 56: command not found
2008-01-12 23:06:14.839 ret_pid(8682) child(8682) status(0x7f00)
2008-01-12 23:06:14.840 ChannelBase: external tuning program exited with
error 127
2008-01-12 23:06:14.840 TVRec(2) Error: Setting start channel '4.1' failed,
                        and backup '2.1' failed as well.
2008-01-12 23:06:14.866 New DB scheduler connection
2008-01-12 23:06:14.871 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
2008-01-12 23:06:16.255 Main::Registering HttpStatus Extension
2008-01-12 23:06:16.256 mythbackend version: 0.20.20070821-1 www.mythtv.org
2008-01-12 23:06:16.256 Enabled verbose msgs:  important general
2008-01-12 23:06:16.256 AutoExpire: Found 1 recorders w/max rate of 72
2008-01-12 23:06:16.259 AutoExpire: Required Free Space: 2.1 GB w/freq: 10
2008-01-12 23:06:16.939 Reschedule requested for id -1.
2008-01-12 23:06:17.064 Scheduled 0 items in 0.1 = 0.10 match + 0.02 place
2008-01-12 23:06:17.069 Seem to be woken up by USER
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