[mythtv-users] Linux sucks -- so thinking of virtualizing MythTV

David Miller dave at justdave.net
Sat Jan 12 19:34:54 UTC 2008

Marc Barrett wrote on 1/12/08 8:02 PM:
> I am getting sick and tired of the inability to play h.264 1080p
> videos under Linux without pausing and stuttering, while the 
> same system can play them under Windows flawlessly. 
> Basically, you need a really fast system to play 1080p videos
> under Linux, while a much slower system, along with a moderate
> video card such as an nvidia 6200 and a PureVideo player,
> will do the job nicely under Windows.  This is the exact opposite
> of the way things are supposed to be traditionally.

Are you using the real nvidia driver or the open source one that shipped 
with your distro?  It'll make a huge difference.  It works so well in 
Windows because Windows has the real graphics driver.  Nvidia makes it 
available for Linux, but most distros don't include it because it's 
proprietary (not open source).  You probably need to get the nvidia 
drivers from nvidia and install them.


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