[mythtv-users] What I'd predicted/"Spot On" consolidation thread.

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jan 12 17:08:55 UTC 2008

Marc Sherman wrote:
> Stroller wrote:
>> I'm not convinced by this - I believe commercial factors may play a  
>> very strong part. IIRC Warner cited consumer confusion over the  
>> formats as a reason for dropping one - there's also a reluctance on  
>> the consumers' part to buy in to the next betamax. IIRC Blurays are  
>> already outselling HD-DVDs 2:1 and the PS3 has ensured that there are  
>> plenty of players out there.
> I agree. As unsuccessful as the PS3 may have been as a console release, 
> I still think it's the single biggest factor in Bluray's seeming victory 
> over HD-DVD.

That's certainly why I bought mine. A Blu-Ray player and a pretty decent
Linux box fairly cheap.

I have never even considered using the box for games, to the extreme
chagrin of my teenaged nieces and nephews :-)


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