[mythtv-users] Can't get TV-Out to work - need help

Don Brett dlbrett at zoominternet.net
Sat Jan 12 16:55:59 UTC 2008

I have a MythTv box that used to work fine (Fedora 6 with Jarods 
guide).  I did some changes, which degraded into a rebuild of the box.  
So now I have Fedora 7 with Mythtv installed by following Jarod's guide, 
but I can't get tvout to work correctly.

Live TV works on the monitor.  I get text on the TV while it's booting , 
but nothing from X and nothing from Live TV.  Any suggestions on what I 
missed?  Thanks,


Nvidia FX 5200
Hauppage PVR-250
Atrpm - nvidia-graphics-legacy-96.43.01

By the way, this is the same box that had the crazy colors when MythTv 
started.  That seems to follow the installation of 71.86.01 drivers, 
which gives me tvout, but looks bad, so I stayed with the newer drivers.

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