[mythtv-users] MythArchive: what am I doing wrong?!

Andrew Junev a-j at a-j.ru
Sat Jan 12 11:24:03 UTC 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008, 9:50:24 PM, you wrote:

>> I want to transfer some of my recorded programs from an old backend to
>> a new one. I tried using MythArchive the way it is described in the
>> Wiki. Creating archive was fine, but importing the archive gave me a
>> strange error: "You need to select a valid archive XML file!"
>> In the mythfrontend log I see the error:
>> Couldn't find a 'channel' element in XML file
>> Couldn't find a 'channel' element in XML file
>> Couldn't find a 'channel' element in XML file
>> Couldn't find a 'channel' element in XML file


> I appreciate it doesn't help, but there isn't a <channel> element in
> that XML.

Yep, I noticed that too!

> Are you sure both Myth and the plugins are exactly the same 
> version on the two boxes?

How do I check the version of a plugin?
'mythbackend --version' gives the same version numbers for both
machines. But I think that's a 'core' version, not the plugins...

> Have you considered putting the recordings back in the same path 
> [presuming they're local files] on the new backend and doing a mysql 
> dump/restore of the relevant tables [or even the whole database, fixing
> where necessary for changes]?

The problem is that my new machine is quite different from the old
one in terms of disk structure, tuner cards and channel settings.
The only thing I need to transfer from the old backend is just a few
LiveTV recordings. I'm not really sure which parts of the database I
have to transfer and which changes I have to do for this, so I tried
the "easy" way of using MythArchive...

I would appreciate any help...

Best regards,

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