[mythtv-users] Multithreaded? Duo vs Quad?

Reid Anderson reidsanderson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 03:54:08 UTC 2008

> I think you are going way to high end for the processor but that is
> just me. I could easily build an entire new dual core mythtv system
> for less than $400 for everything with the case probably being the
> most expensive item..
> John

I read on the MythTV website that for HDTV, a good rule is 1GHz per tuner.
 If I am to put 3-4 tuners, shouldn't I have a capacity of 3-4Ghz?  If you
say that multithreading doesn't make good use of the second processor, then
shouldn't I go with the Duo at 3.0 so that the one core primarily being used
can handle the potential of three streams?  I can knock the processor price
down to $175 by dropping to a 2.33GHz with a 1333 FSB or give up the bus
speed and go all the way down to a 2.2GHz with an 800 FSB at $125.  I
recognize that I am paying a premium for the Shuttle case with the Intel G33
motherboard, but the size, look, and volume will be worth it when I place it
right next to my TV in the living room.  Beyond the $300 case, mb, ps, I
have ordered a Lite-On DVD Burner for $30 and 2GB of Ram for $37.  I'm
willing to spend a little extra to get the right parts for the job instead
of just the ones that will work.  Let's face it, it's not too often that my
wife comes home and asks me to take on a project like this, I better take
advantage of it and do it right!
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