[mythtv-users] Direct HD encoding from component....

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Fri Jan 11 21:34:44 UTC 2008

Mitch Gore [mitchell.gore at gmail.com] wrote:
> I have a 1080p TV as well.  But there is not content currently produced that
> is 1080p over component cables!
> HD DVD and BluRay are down converted over component and you can not get the
> advanced audio.  Only DTS or Dobly Digital or optical.  Not DTS-MA, Tru HD,
> etc. as its HDMI/HDCP only.

Are you talking about the ICT (Image Constraint Token) that downscales
to 960x540 when outputting via a non HDCP output, or something else?
As far as I know, the ICT is not currently in use on any shipping
HDDVD or BD disc.

BTW, I wonder if the hdfury is real, and if it could provide an escape
hatch.  I should probably buy some before they get sued out of existence.


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