[mythtv-users] NFS and remote backend

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Fri Jan 11 20:48:19 UTC 2008

Steven Adeff wrote:
> Didn't seem to do much if anything. I changed the mount settings in
> fstab, unmounted the existing mount and then remounted. I've got async
> set in the nfs server's export line for the mount point.
> 12seconds for a 500MB file over ftp vs. 1:30 for the same file over NFS.

Just to add a similar data point:

On my gigabit network, NFS from my backend (Athlon64 X2 4600+, 2GB RAM) 
to a G5 tower gets about 18MB/s for any size transfer from 350MB to 
1.5GB.  If I then delete the file from the G5 and copy the exact same 
file again I reach speeds of up to 56MB/s (according to IPNetMonitor - a 
Mac network tool which graphs network transfers in real time - so it's 
not just a cached file at the Mac end)

In fact if I copy a large enough file, but stop it at about 50%, delete 
the incomplete transfer, then recopy it, the speed peaks at 56MB/s+ 
until the point where I canceled it, then it drops back down to around 
16MB/s for the remainder of the copy.

701MB file 43s via NFS (1st run) vs 0.15s (2nd run)

  - Wade

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