[mythtv-users] What I'd predicted/"Spot On" consolidation thread.

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Jan 11 18:11:14 UTC 2008

> Steven Adeff wrote:
>> To add to the MPAA comments... Warner's decision to drop HD-DVD mid
>> contract with Toshiba shows that at least the movie studios are still
>> very much interested in DRM. BluRay is notoriously DRM heavy compared
>> to HD-DVD. It's the reason BluRay players need constant firmware
>> updates, etc. Since this is the only real difference between the two
>> formats, and BluRay is more expensive, it's the only reason a studio
>> would have to choose BluRay over HD-DVD.
> Hmmm. You don't think the higher capacity is significant?

For a format meant to hold feature film releases: not really.

The only relevant question is whether or not the medium is large
enough to accomodate the business requirements. Any sort of "mines
bigger than yours" weiner waving exercises are pointless.

> It may well not be, I just wanted to point out that DRM is not the
> *only* reason to select a format.

I dunno. Not being able to play new movies on your old player is
pretty much a complete showstopper to most of the people I know.

DRM makes high resolution TV and all of the associated technologies
more complicated than they have to be and run the risk of completely
alienating non-geek consumers who simply don't have the time or the
inclination to deal with it.

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