[mythtv-users] on-board s-video output on MSI K9NGM3-FIH, and stuff

Chuck Needham thatguy at 2bitstudio.com
Fri Jan 11 05:50:47 UTC 2008

For right now, possibly til the end of the year, I will have to continue 
to use OTA NTSC. I'm looking at using the pvr-500. My question ... is 
the on board tv-out on the MSI K9NGM3-FIH mobo supported in MythTV as a 
(temporary) solution to get S-Video to my TV, or do I NEED to get an 
NTSC video card or VGA-to-NTSC converter.

I'm only asking, because I have to piece my machine together slowly over 
the next year, as resources become available.

phase 1) I will start by getting the case... using the 10 year old mobo, 
HDD and VGA monitor I have now, just to play my CD collection archive 
through my surround receiver. The music is accessed over a wired network 
from my "work" XP machine in the basement office. I have the 
Soundblaster Live 24 external from my laptop music jukebox front-end 
(btw... is the external SB24 supported in MythTV?).

phase 2) Then I will upgrade the mobo/cpu/ram.

phase 3) Add Video and internal 24bit audio if NEEDED.

phase 4) Add the NTSC tuner and a 500GB HDD for DVR data and a smaller 
drive for MySQL, unless MySQL will be happy on my 20GB system drive. I 
will add a second 500GB HDD when I start archiving my DVDs

phase 5) Add a Dual HD tuner (the HoneRun?) for OTA ATSC but display on 
NTSC monitor at first.

phase 6) Add a bluray DVD burner (looks like it may be the winner over 

I will eventually have to get an HD TV and finally exit the stone-age.

Thanks for any help.


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