[mythtv-users] SVN 15166: playback profiles - Deinterlacers

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Thu Jan 10 21:36:37 UTC 2008

At 2:14 PM -0500 1/10/08, Phill Wiggin wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestions. To debug the situation, I attempted to use
>all the default profiles.  Then, I edited the default CPU+ profile and
>tested.  Ultimately, I created my own profile that had only one rule
>for testing.  I modified this rule to try each deinterlacer.  I also
>tried both xvmc and xvmc-opengl.

This isn't directly relevant to your problem, but I've found that 
testing this stuff is much easier if I am running two copies of MFE 
at once. I can then leave one in the Settings menu, while the other 
is in Watch Recordings. Use Alt-Tab to go back and forth between the 
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