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Thu Jan 10 20:51:28 UTC 2008

On Jan 10, 2008 10:19 AM, <lemongecko at gmail.com> wrote:

> I most certainly DO have to remap, and I've yet to figure out how. The
> wiki page on configuringing ATSC / QAM is evidently way out of date.
> I'd like to make a point of fixing it, but I have NO idea how to
> proceed.
> What is THE method for mapping QAM properly? Where is this XML ID
> stored? How do I find it? Which field in the channel editor needs to
> be modified?
> Sorry for the quasi-hijack, but there's a lot of grey area on exactly
> how one records HD with Myth that's not readily apparent.

I believe the experience varies greatly based on whether you are receiving
your signals OTA or via digital cable (and then depending on who your cable
provider is).

In my case, my cable provider (Cox) left most of the fields blank, so
MythTV's auto-detection fails (in most cases) to properly configure the
channel number and/or callsign.  So, at least for me, I had to do the

   1. View each channel in mythfrontend
   2. Figure out which channel you are viewing (thank god for watermarks)
   3. Open a browser to zap2it.com and find the channel listing
   4. Point to the hyperlink for the channel in the listing and read the
   text in the status bar (or click on the link and read the URL)
   5. Find the value following stnNum=
   For example the URL will look like this:
   The xmltvid would be 18332
   6. Press E while viewing the channel in mythfrontend
   7. Modify the channel number, call sign, channel name and xmltvid.
   8. Save the record and exit.

If you have multiple tuners, like I do, then you need to be sure to have the
channel number and call sign to be exactly like it is on the other tuners,
otherwise the program guide will have duplicates.
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