[mythtv-users] EIT data for only one tuner

mat mat at lessermatters.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 13:24:19 UTC 2008

>> > How many video sources do you have configured in mythtv-setup? If you
>> > only have the Nova-T-500 card in the machine (providing 2 DVB inputs),
>> > you should only have one video source, containing all of the digital
>> > channels from the channel scan. On the Input Connections page you
>> > should attach this video source to both DVB-T inputs.
>> >
>> > Both DVB tuners will then share the common EIT data, so it should be
>> > available for all card inputs configured to use that video source.
>> Well, I have an old analogue card in there as well, which I intend to
>> hook
>> up to my digi-box at some point. I think I may have created 3 Video
>> Sources - could this be the problem?
> It could well be. If you are using the analogue tuner on the old card,
> and the 2 digital tuners on the Nova-T-500, you only need 2 video
> sources - one containing the analog channels, and one containing the
> digital channels.
>> Is there a way of checking accessing the DB? Should the table be
>> obvious?
> The database tables related to capturecards, cardinputs, channels and
> videosources have obvious names, and it's quite easy to figure out the
> relationships between them.
> However, this shouldn't be necessary and you should only need to enter
> mythtv-setup and verify which card inputs are connected to which video
> sources. Make sure those are correctly configured (analogue video
> source connected to analogue tuner, digital video source connected to
> _both_ DVB tuners) and everything should work properly without
> requiring any DB tinkering.

Excellent, I shall leave this until I get home...unless I can setup x11vnc
through ssh over tor (all ports except 80 are blocked here!) - naah I'll

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