[mythtv-users] [Fwd: Using JACK for Audio - SOLVED]

Martin Lynch martin.lynch at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 10 04:53:26 UTC 2008

Cal wrote:
> Martin Lynch wrote:
>>> Has anyone successfully used JACK to output audio from MythTV? I 
>>> start [...]
>> _______________
>> Few things I had to do to get JACK to work:
> . [...]>
>> This works great and has eliminated audio choppiness on HD channels 
>> which had recently developed and which slowed down playback.
> well done! I'm a little out of touch with jack, but I think it should be
> possible to run two jackd instances, ie one on the music card and one on
> the mythtv card. No?

I'm able to get 2 instances of qjackctl going but they mirror each other 
- in other words, if I disconnect the MythTV connection from one, it 
disconnects the other one too. Also, I need to run one at 96K and the 
other at 44.1K and adjusting one adjusts the other, unfortunately...
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