[mythtv-users] New user problems

Ken Williams kenwilliams at oddpost.com
Thu Jan 10 03:24:26 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm new to MythTV, built my first box and am having some trouble.

Here are my particulars...at least the ones I can think of that would matter!
I bought a used Dell GX280 and put in a PVR-350. I only have a 200GB SATA
drive in it for now. I wanted to make sure it works before I invest more $$ for
a bigger drive. I loaded Mythdora 4.0, and couldn't get it to work. Then I downloaded
the latest fixes, compiled it and it started working!! I haven't hooked it up to a TV
yet, but it works on the monitor and to my PC using MythTV Player. If everything
works well, I'll probably get another, smaller PC for the frontend and figure out
how to get it hooked up.

So my problems are these:
1. The picture skips about once a second....almost like a heartbeat.

2. The sound is kind of funny...like people have been on helium!! I have the
output from the stb plugged into the PVR-350.

3. I have DirecTV, have my account on Schedules Direct, and everything is fine
there except for the local channels. I'm in the So. Cal. area and I can't find the
local independents, like KCAL and KTLA. Is that something with Schedules
Direct, or is it a mapping problem I need to fix?

Any help would be appreciated. If any of this is documented somewhere, please
let me know where. I've searched the docs on several sites, and watched this list
for a week or so now and haven't found anything that helps!! HELP!!


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