[mythtv-users] DVD ISO playback problems: Invalid IFO

kim Gross kgross at jensalt.com
Wed Jan 9 21:40:33 UTC 2008

Martin Ritchie wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions I'll perhaps try k9copy again. I know I
> used something from the menus of the default mythdora as I was being
> lazy but I haven't been able to get my latest SinCity DVD to work yet.
> DD just yields IO error after 94Meg. (It is a dual layer disk, as are
> most that I have.) I'll have to dig out The Long Way Round as that was
> the first one I did that did work. I'd hate to have to result to using
> a windows app. I could maybe resort to using one of the Macs in the
> house but really I'd like to pop the disk in to the storage unit. Have
> it suck the content off and pop the disk out as a way of asking for
> more. Storage is cheep so I see no value in compressing it. When I get
> a big tv (which I might afford if I stop buying storage) then
> compressing BluRay might be worth while but till I have something that
> will display a HD picture ISO DVD copies are good for me.
One good thing about DvdDecrypter is that it will run under wine on your 
linix box so you don't have to resort to using one of your Macs and you 
can store the ISO on your storage unit completely seamlessly.


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