[mythtv-users] US cable companies and mandatory OTA channels

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Jan 9 20:50:48 UTC 2008

> jedi at mishnet.org wrote:
>>> Albert James wrote:
>>>> OTA HD signals are not compressed, whereas their Cable equivilants
>>>> are.
>>> OTA HD channels are MPEG2, that is "not compressed" ?
>> Think: your local NBC affiliate in HD vs. what DirecTV might give you...
>> DirecTV already overcompresses it's SD signals and does the same for
>> their HD channel. That's why that like to that xtremehd product from
>> yesterday is so interesting. Their whole sales pitch seems like it will
>> be "we don't mangle the data like Direct TV does".
> My local cable company claims satellite providers "aggressively process"
> the signals, which I won't argue with, but the implication seems to be
> that the cable company does not, which I do not agree with.

Either they are or they aren't.

There really isn't anything to "agree with".

With digital it's really trivial to tell. Check the stream to see
what it reports as it's bitrate and resolution. If either is something
lower than what the source channel reports, then you know the provider
is monkeying around with the signal.

> Basically everything digital available to consumers is compressed, the
> question is to what extent and with what result.

    There's a big difference between the cable company just passing
along someone else's signal and them choosing to mangle it in some way.

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