[mythtv-users] Advice me, should I upgrade or should I fix it?

Henrik Beckman henrik.list at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 16:23:50 UTC 2008


Im plauged by problems on my myth rig,

1) I get occasional disconnects when recording on one specific channel,
especially when a second recording starts a bit into the first.
This occurs on both my Nova-T500 and my Nova-TD, I first had the 500 and the
purchased the TD to get rid of the disconnects.

2) My nova-TD hangs my machine hard after a few hours of usage when using
onboard usb on the A8N-VM CSM motherboard.

I also use a Nova-PVR to record from cable and since I only have to pci
slots one is occupied with the add on usb controller needed for the nova-td
and the other
with the nova-pvr card. On the shelf I have a Twinhan mantis dvb-c and a
nova-t500 (not fun).

Im thinking of swapping out the A64 3200+, A8N-VM CSM and 2Gb of DDR and
replace it with a E4500 an intel G33 motherboard and 2Gb of DDR2, mainly to
get reliable
The other option is to start tweaking with IRQ handling and disabling legacy
usb in bios, upgrading bios and so on to get rid of the  usb hard hangs.

The disconnetcs I hope will either be fixed by the driver developers or  I
can work around them by getting better signal strenght.

It feels a tad insane to upgrad all to get the USB solid, but Im a bit
tired with tweaking at the moment, sometimes I just want my TV to work.. =)

Im running ubuntu feisty with a 2.6.23-1 kernel and DVB drivers from

Convince me there is a better way than to buy a new rig.

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