[mythtv-users] LIRC considerations before adding second PVR-150

Mike Smith mike at smithburnett.net
Wed Jan 9 15:42:39 UTC 2008


I'm about to add a second PVR-150 to my dedicated MythTV backend-only
system (Ubuntu 7.04). Both cards will be controlling DirecTV boxes via
LIRC and the PVR IR blaster.

I'm assuming LIRC will create a second entry in /dev for the second
blaster. So I can tweak my channel-change script to send IR codes to
either /dev/lirc0 or /dev/lirc1 depending on which source it needs to
change. No problems there.

But how do I know which card corresponds to which LIRC device? IOW, is
the assumption that lirc0 ALWAYS points to the card in PCI slot #2 a
safe one, or are the devices subject to switch around on reboots, for



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