[mythtv-users] xmltv ID tv1/een Belgium

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Wed Jan 9 12:20:10 UTC 2008

Ma Begaj wrote:
> 2008/1/9, at0m <at0m at telenet.be>:
>> Hi,
>> I can't seem to get my xmltv ID right for a local channel, Belgian
>> TV1/Een.  Anyone from around here can help me out on that?
>> Mythtv is not getting program listings for that channel as long it
>> doesn't have a correct xmltv ID...
>> Thank in advance,
>> at0m.
> all xmltv-ids should be in /usr/share/xmltv/{your grabber}/channel_ids
> you should be able to see the correct id in that file and copy it in
> mythtv-setup/channel editor/your channel


what xmltv grabber are you using? In case of the teveblad nl, it is

some extra info: for ketnet/canvas, I use canvas.vrt.be and the
following line in cron (this calls the xml grabber, converts ketnet
stuff to canvas (so I can have both as one channel), and sends the xml
file to myth:

tv_grab_be --slow 2>/dev/null | sed '/<channel
id="ketnet.vrt.be/,/channel>/ d' | sed 's/ketnet.vrt.be/canvas.vrt.be/'
> xmltv.out && mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 xmltv.out > /dev/null 2>&1

hope this helps!

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