[mythtv-users] Belgium - Telenet digitaal

at0m at0m at telenet.be
Wed Jan 9 10:46:50 UTC 2008


I wonder if it's possible to watch Telenet Digitaal in Belgium using MythTV?

One option would be to control the Digibox using IRDA from the 
Mythbackend, then feed the Digibox output to my PVR-350's S-video input. 
  This would degrade the digital signal somewhat, but my frontends are 
laptops and analog CRT's, so HDTV isn't really an issue.

One of my problems is, since my flatmate has installed the Digibox, 
Telenet has left me with only a couple analog channels, all the rest is 
suddenly unavailable.  Pretty annoying!

Preferably I'd just add a digital tuner card to the backend, but I don't 
  expect Telenet Digitaal to would allow that.

Anyone here in Belgium experienced with that?  Looking forward to read 
some more on this topic!!

Thanks in advance,


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