[mythtv-users] Re Motorola DCH3200 STB: channel change?

mstrimel at comcast.net mstrimel at comcast.net
Wed Jan 9 03:47:53 UTC 2008

>Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 15:22:33 -0600
>From: "Maclaren, James M " <maclaren at tulane.edu>
>Subject: [mythtv-users] Re Motorola DCH3200 STB: channel change?
>To: <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>

>I have had) no problems using the firewire connection and the DCH3200
>cable box for channel changing.   When I upgraded my cable box from a
>DCT2000 my ir blaster seemed to lose range.  If it wasn't right over the
>eye it wouldn't change the channel reliably.  Then it started getting
>worse when I upgraded to the latest mythbuntu.   I even created a
>different lirc file using irrecord but it seemed to work no better or
>worse that the DCT2000 file.

 >To get channel changing working I downloaded the 6200ch.c from the svn
>branch, then set the permissions of /dev/raw1394 to mythtv.mythtv - the
>right permissions for the backend in mythbuntu and used that in the
>backend set up - and compiled the code.  It has been very reliable.

Hey, thanks so much, Itried the SVN version and it works like a charm!   

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