[mythtv-users] Touchscreen "workaround" (with help of other programs)?

Nils Berg t045tbr0t at yahoo.de
Tue Jan 8 22:18:13 UTC 2008

I am aware of at least one of those, but I think it was a custom  
patch into mythfrontend or the plugins. I'd prefer if it were done  
with an independent program that is independent of mythtv itself for  
two reasons:
Firstly, I'm not that much into linux at the moment, and I'm neither  
sure what version of mythtv those patches were for nor how well  
they'd cope with an update.
And secondly, I am planning to run two instances of mythtv (dual- 
headed X with a seperate user running each), and I'm not sure if the  
patches would interfere with anything.
Also, from what I've seen so far, the MythTV UI lacks on-screen  
buttons for quite a few essential functions, like "back" or "menu",  
so I'm not sure how much being able to use the mouse as a pointer  
would help.

But still, thanks for the tip, I'll go recheck if I missed anything!


Johan Venter wrote:
> This has come up a lot of times in the last couple of years - I was
> under the impression that a couple of motivated people added semi- 
> decent
> mouse support to Myth and use their touchscreens as a pointer device.
> You may want to search the archives - my memory of it is a bit hazy.
> Regards,
> Johan.

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