[mythtv-users] SA3250HD is turning itself off?

james meyer james.meyer at operamail.com
Tue Jan 8 20:42:20 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 08 January 2008, Daniel Arfsten wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been using Mythtv for maybe a year now. I have a Scientific Atlanta 
3250HD cable box hooked up via s-video to my PVR-350 s-video in connection. I 
got lircd working with a serial IR blaster to change the channels of the box 
and all was grand. Now all of a sudden, I have been getting black screens and 
nothing else for my recordings. I thought the first time it happened it was 
because I accidentally turned the power off on the cable box after I was 
watching tv but Sunday night it happened again where I come home, check out 
mythweb and it shows a black screen. When I watch the recordings there's 
nothing there. Then I look at the cable box and it's off. I checked through 
the settings to make sure that no sleep timer was set or what have you but 
can't find anythign that would be shutting it off. Has anyone else had this 
problem? Can I somehow incorporate in the channel change script to issue a 
power on but then what if the power is already on? then it would shut it off? 
how can I solve this issue, any takers?
> I'll check a few more days and see if it's shutting itself off or if I am 
just turning it off by accident but I don't think I touched it recently and 
as I said I missed tons of shows on Sunday. DAMN. I just set it to delete and 
re-record so hopefully the shows get picked back up. I want to see the first 
American Gladiators. he he he heDaniel

Not that it helps you any, but my SA3250HD turns its self off at least once a 
month and will at times turn off more then 2-3 times a week.  I called Time 
Warner about it, and they told me this is normal.  When they push updates to 
the box, part of the process is to turn off the box so that the update is 

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