[mythtv-users] DVB-T users in the UK - please send me your dvbscan channels.conf file

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 18:23:50 UTC 2008

Dear Freeview/DVB-T users in the UK,

I am looking into ways to enhance the tv_grab_uk_rt grabber available
from XMLTV to allow the creation of instantly-usable listings by
specifying only your TV service provider (of which Freeview is one
such service, Sky and Virgin Media are others).

What I would like to ask of any interested users is that you send me
an up-to-date channels.conf and details of the transmitter and tuning
file name used to generate the scan, so that I can associate channel
IDs to transmitters. If you could please include the name of the
transmitter/tuning file in the email's subject, it would make sorting
any replies much easier.

I am interested in trying to produce a comprehensive list of the
service IDs available on the UK Freeview netwokr so that the uk_rt
grabber can associate its XMLTV IDs against those service IDs. Amongst
other things, this could allow the grabber to provide the information
needed to automatically allocate XMLTV IDs against digital channels
already configured in MythTV, and remove the need to manually provide
an XMLTV ID for each channel when configuring a FreeView video source
using the grabber. The aim also is to allow a user to specify at the
grabber configuration stage only the service they receive and have all
channels available on that service configured automagically.

Alternatively, if you are available of an existing list of this
information for UK DVB-T, I would greatly appreciate being made aware
of it.

I am also compiling lists of channels available on VirginMedia (for
use with a channel changer script, not DVB-C) and Sky (subscription
and FreeSat/FTV) in the hope of making it simpler to configure
non-EIT-listings video sources in the UK.


Nick Morrott

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