[mythtv-users] How can I watch mpg files / "import" mpg-files into database?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Jan 8 11:14:28 UTC 2008

Holger wrote:
> Slightly off-topic:
> Can you guys recommend other "easy ways" to watch my recordings on my TV 
> while I'm working on my desktop? This is NOT an HTPC... I want to use my 
> desktop as usual (Ubuntu 7.10), but at the same time watch a movie on 
> either the PVR-350's TV-out or my mainboard's TV-out (NVidia GeForce 
> 6150 on board). Most of the postings "using the PVR-350's TV-out" show 
> how to display X on the PVR. That's NOT what I want... I want the movie 
> on the TV, but everything else on my monitor)
Mythtv uses X to display it's output. Normally, it's configured to use the whole 
screen, as most of us use the frontend machine as an HTPC client. There should 
be no problem arranging for the Mythtv output to sent to one of the two displays 
you define in Xorg.conf while the other display shows a normal desktop.

Alternatively, I have heard it said that one can run *two* instances of X to 
achieve just what you are proposing (only the other way round, usually. The idea 
is to attach a monitor and keyboard to the living-room HTPC to do other 
computer-related activities).

Unfortunately both of the above depend critically on the exact software and 
video hardware you have, and involve heavy levels of configuration-magic I can't 
provide. If you wish to experiment, post your exact configuration, and someone 
on the list may be able to advise.

Mike Perkins

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