[mythtv-users] Australian TV station show times...

Dan Cotter dancotter2003 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 8 07:20:30 UTC 2008

Anyone else notice how far shows can be away from their scheduled start times?
I had to set to record 5 minutes early and end 15 minutes late, I am still missing the end of some shows (I am in brisbane).
I look after boxes for my family/friends, most only have 80GB harddisks, so its a big deal to have to record 55 minutes just to be sure to get a 30 minute program.

Apart from SBS, once you get to prime time (6pm onwards) every show seems to be at least 5 minutes late on every channel. Also many channels (channel 10 is the worst) don't show a water mark on most shows from the last add break to the credits, as if they are deliberate trying to foil add removing software.

I remember hearing that someone was settings up a real-time online server that would show when exactally a show had just commenced, with the idea you could just poll it every couple of minutes. Was this ever done?


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