[mythtv-users] Myth won't sleep more than once...

Mike Rosack mrosack at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 00:47:55 UTC 2008

I decided to work on getting my combined FE/BE myth box to go to S3
sleep over the weekend.  At first glance, everything was successful!
I set my appropriate scripts in mythtv-setup, exited to mythwelcome
when I was done using the box, and it started counting down, set a
wakeup time in the BIOS, put itself to sleep, and woke back up!  The
only problem is, it only does it once - after I'm done using myth the
second time it counts down but does absoutely nothing when it gets to
zero.  I have tons of debug statements in my scripts, and none of them
get triggered the second time - it's like myth doesn't even run the
scripts.  The countdown timer doesn't reset, either - it just stays at
"10 seconds left until shutdown..."

Restarting mythbackend allows it to work once again, but only once.
Any suggestions?


Mike Rosack

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