[mythtv-users] import channels.conf problem

Jan Buchal buchal at brailcom.org
Mon Jan 7 19:29:45 UTC 2008

>>>>> "csfa" == come se fosse antani <antani at gmail.com> writes:
    csfa> Is a common problem with 0.20, some times referred as "0.20
    csfa> channel lock bug" . I already posted on this ML a couple of
    csfa> times without having any reply (serarch the ML) The symptoms
    csfa> are mostly two: - your problem with no channels imported from
    csfa> a working channels.conf created by dvbscan - you manage to
    csfa> import the channels, but after that the frontend claims with
    csfa> an "no channel lock" error I can't assure this is a bug
    csfa> because personally I only tried with precompiled packages (in
    csfa> order, debian-multimedia, knoppmyth with myth 0.20,
    csfa> mythbuntu), but other guys at the forum where I write (
    csfa> htpcpoint.it, only in italian sorry) recompiled mythtv from
    csfa> the source and the "bug" is always there. Now I've a 0.20 with
    csfa> all the dvb channels correctly imported; the main workaround
    csfa> we found are related with mythtv upgrade after a correct
    csfa> channels import (install myth 0.18/0.19, scan the channels,
    csfa> upgrade to 0.20). I did successfully with knoppmyth. If you
    csfa> want debian packages for 0.19 from debian-multimedia, I should
    csfa> have kept a copy of deb files.
Unfortunately I installed mythtv a several days ago and now I haven't
access to older version then ).20



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