[mythtv-users] Encode SD to H264 via mencoder - best settings

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Mon Jan 7 19:15:16 UTC 2008

Warpme wrote:
> Also maybe this thread might be good place to share other ppl optimal 
> SD->H264 mencoder parameters...

I've been using the attached script (since it's a script, it ought to show up 
as inline text) to encode just about everything (HD or non-HD, DVD, TV, 
whatever) to H.264.  In addition to a sufficiently current mplayer, it needs 
mkvtoolnix 2.x and vorbis-tools.   It leaves the intermediate files intact, so 
if you rip a DVD and want to save the original AC3 audio instead of transcoding 
to Vorbis, you can remux with that.  It does 2-pass encoding and tries to 
auto-detect sensible options for cropping, bitrate, interlace, etc., but these 
can be overridden.

It doesn't handle PAL video since all of my sources are NTSC or ATSC, but 
tweaking the script to include PAL support should be trivial.

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