[mythtv-users] Watch Recordings From another pc

Rob Ogle rogle at css1.net
Mon Jan 7 15:42:54 UTC 2008

I've been working to setup my mythtv box for a few months now. 

I'm running mythbuntu (gutsy ).


I can record and watch shows on a monitor, but I can't get s-video to work
to a tv and the volumn is too low going from my sound card to the rca inputs
on my tv. 


So, until I get that working is there a way to watch recorded shows from
another pc on my network? 

I've tried using winscp to copy them to a windows box and watch in media
player, but nothing shows.  G-Spot says I have all of the codecs loaded for
the mpeg file. 


Ideas would be appreciated. 

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