[mythtv-users] Exitting Frontends

myth at pbj-design.dk myth at pbj-design.dk
Mon Jan 7 07:04:43 UTC 2008

Hey Group.

I build my Myth upon ArchLinux. a Under the stairs solutiuon.

When I want to exit the frontend in the livingroom -  I press the ESC and
got the question:
Are you sure you waqnt to quit:
yes and shutdown.

When I press yes and shutdown, The frontend closes but the PC stays on??
Is there a script here that I can add some extra lines to - so that I'm
sure it'll shutdown?.
I've looked at /usr/bin/mythshutdown but that's a binaery file - so that's
not a chance.
Since I have all Tunercards in the Backend - I don't have a need for
WakeOnLan so that is the question if that have something to do with it??

Otherwise I'll like to add "init 0" to the lines when you ask to close
frontend and shutdown the machine!
Have anybody other ideas ???


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