[mythtv-users] Screen view obscured on TV out?

mythtv at corwyn.net mythtv at corwyn.net
Mon Jan 7 01:48:23 UTC 2008

Everything appears to be working in general, even TV Out (sorta). 
However, when I switch the video to TV Out, I
a) have some sort of item obscuring my screen and
b) lose sound

I'm currently running mythtv-0.20.2-169.el5 off ATRPMS wiht CentOS 5 
kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5, PVR-350 and LMLBT44 (running Zoneminder) on 
a Asus M2nPV-VM motherboard.

Currently viewing TV off of /dev/video4 (video0-3 are the LMLBT44) on 
the PC monitor, everything s fine. The functioning off the TV out 
(/dev/video16) mostly works when I configure TV Settings > Playback 
to /dev/video16, with the odd quirk that there appears to be a large 
blank menu on the screen, and no sound.

Mind you, I can see the channel in a thin line across the top and 
bottom of the screen, but there's a big grey square across the center 
of the screen. Enough at the top and bottom that I can see the 
channel change and confirm that it's the right channel, but that's abot it.

And, OFC, no sound. I don't have the PVR 350 configured in MYthTV to 
send sound out the PVR 350. But I don't get sound when configured to 
/dev/video16, but I do when displaying on the PC screen on /dev/video4.

any ideas how to
a) get rid of the "box" on TV Out and
b) get sound on TV out?


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