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From: meerlin_88 at hotmail.comTo: mythtv-users at mythtv.orgDate: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 15:44:05 +0000Subject: [mythtv-users] Live TV problem in multirec

Hi, I have a problem with live tv in the multirec branch. I'm using a master backend server with two DVB-C cards in and have two frontend clients using the server. I have set the limit for simultaneous records for each card to 3. I have cleaned the cards away from my settings when I switched to the multirec and re-added them as recommended. The problem I have found it that when tuner 1 is recording one or more shows and I'm using tuner 2 for live tv and a new recording is starting that is on the same transponder as the live tv channel the live tv will freeze on the frontend. When I look on the mythweb status page I can still see that the live tv show is recorded on the backend in parallel with the new recording on the same transponder. If I exit live tv to main menu on the frontend and tries to start a new live tv session it refuses to display the video and I end up with a error. If I look in the frontend log I have lots of "prebuffer pause" errors. So it seems that the backend is still recording the live tv but the frontend will not get any data for the live tv. Is the multirec code designed to be able to handle schedules of recordings on a tuner that is busy with live tv on the same transponder as the upcoming recording? If yes, this should not affect the live tv session since the card still allows 2 more recodings from the transponder and mythtv should be able to use another virtual tuner. When a scheduled recording is about to start on a transponder not equal to the one tuned in on tuner1 or tuner2 should mythfrontend rise a question on what I want to do (continue watching live tv or record the scheduled show). Which classes in the code is responsible for this decisions (give me a hint I can start looking at it)? Is this a backend problem or a frontend problem or maybe both frontend and backend problem? /Johan
I have done some further testing and have come up with a small idea about the problem. When the live tv freezes I tried to exit to main menu and restart the live tv. That would also fail until I tried to change channel to a another one. Then it suddenly worked fine to record one channel and watch live tv on another channel on the same tuner. The problem was that a recording started (supposed to record on channel 1) on tuner 2 while I was watching channel 2 on tuner 2. Initially the virtual tuner to be used for the recording was set to the same channel I was watching (it always tries to use the latest used channel) before mythtv is able to tune it to the correct channel. When the same channel was tuned twice at the same time on the same transport it will fail the live tv (due to priority?) and tune to channel 1 and continue with the scheduled recording. As long as I tried to restart the live tv it tuned to channel 1 but as soon as I changed to channel in live tv mode it started to work. I have also tried to tune to channel 1 while in a working live tv session and that will always fail when a recording of channel 1 is going on on the same tuner. Is this a known issue? Is there a working patch to solve it?
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