[mythtv-users] WifeyPopup 1.0, utility for MythTV

daniel åkerud daniel.akerud at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 14:41:02 UTC 2008

Hello, I've just created a simple but effective utility called WifeyPopup.
It is designed so my girlfriend can do some administrative stuff with the
remote control when I'm not around or busy such as restarting a
backend+frontend or restarting Linux, or even boot into Windows to play some
games (God forbid...). This is how it works. It connects to /dev/lircd to
listen to remote control buttons. It uses ONE remote control button. You
hold this button for X ms, a menu pops up over MythTV (or any other
program). You then click the SAME button to select the next menu item. When
you haven't pressed a button for Y ms it selects the current action. The
menu and the scripts are configurable from a file. This is the contents of
the configuration file file:


# The title of the window
Title: WifeyPopup
# Which remote control button we should listen to
TriggerButton: '#'
# How long this button should be pressed before
# the popup is shown
TriggerTimeMs: 1200
# After a period of no input the currently selected
# button is chosen
ReleaseTimeMs: 1800
# This is the menu, it is a simple array of
# [Title, Script_Path] values. Empty script does nothing,
# used for "Cancel" or similar.
- - Restart MythTV
  - scripts/restart_myth.sh
- - Boot Windows
  - scripts/boot_windows.sh
- - Restart Linux
  - scripts/restart_linux.sh
- - Cancel

<--- (CUT)

I release this so that perhaps someone else can have some fun with it. If
you want me to add support for something, there is a high probability I can
do so. And please read the README file for how to run and dependencies etc
(basically requires ruby and ruby qt4 bindings). If you have problems don't
feel shy, just reply. Please share improvements, and I'd love to hear if you
like it.

Here is the file:

Just enter the code and wait the 45 seconds. If you cannot download this,
please reply to the list and I will find some place else to host it.

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