[mythtv-users] PreviewPixmapOffset ignored for .avi files in recordings

Marc Sherman msherman at projectile.ca
Sun Jan 6 13:27:57 UTC 2008

I have a bunch of .avi files that I've imported into my recorded 
programs list using a script based on the ragetv import script.

For those .avi files, MythTV seems to ignore the PreviewPixmapOffset 
setting, and always use the first* frame for the preview picture. It 
also ignores the option to use the bookmark frame if it's set.

This is with the 0.20-fixes branch. Is this a known bug, or is there a 
way I can fix it myself, perhaps by populating more tables/fields in the 
db when I import the .avi files?

* Not the first, actually, but the first frame it displays when I hit 
play, due to the known bug that the Internal player doesn't start at the 
very beginning when playing .avi files.

- Marc

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