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Thanks for the reply Marc.

I guess I should probably have asked what the preferred card or external
tuner would be if purchasing a new one..

Are than any advantages to one particular card over another?

Since the 3000 does NTSC and ATSC is there really a need to replace it.
driver issues maybe?



I have 3 HD tuners (HD-5000) and 3 SD tuners (1x PVR-3500, 1x PVR-500)
My HD-3000 is sitting on a shelf somewhere. The HD-3000 was great for being
able to record SD or HD but that feature restricted use. If you were
recording an HD show you couldn't use the NTSC functionality at the same
time. Personally I saw no use of it.
The HD-3000 was a great card when I first got it. Once I got my HD-5000's I
did see some quality improvement in the video on the 5000 over the 3000. But
they were also manufactured by different companies.
PCHDTV replaced the 3000 with the 5500, unfortunately I have never seen one
of these in use so I don't know what improvements were made, nor do I have
the knowledge to say that the 5500's are better than the 5000's.
The only reason I really see that someone would not want the 3000 is because
it is an older card and driver support for it has petered out. PCHDTV did
move to the 5500 as their flagship card. Last I knew support had been added
to the Kernel but from what I am seeing on the forums at PCHDTV people are
writing drivers for it themselves. I'm not sure why if it's still in the
kernel, unless they are trying to make it better.

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